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Is It Able to Disable PDF Password?

It is almost a common phenomenon that most people protect their PDF files with a string of password. For owners especially the file author, this would be a good way to prevent the content inside the PDF file from being modified without permission. But for the ones who get the PDF files, the protection would be a hateful measure to keep them away from using the contents inside the PDF files.

You may want to get a helpful PDF Password Disable software to do you a favor once you have a bunch of PDF files on your computer with password protected, right? With this in mind, I would like to recommend you the PDF Password Remover to disable password protection from your PDF files for free use of contents in the files. The steps below show the detail operations of how to disable PDF password easily with this software. Now, just let's take a look at the detail steps.

How to Disable PDF Security/Password?

Get the proper software according to the system your computer run. Here we will mainly focus on the operations of how to disable password protection from PDF files successfully on Windows PC. So, if you are a Mac user, then you can get the Mac version software provided below and then follow the article how to remove security from Adobe PDF on Mac to disable PDF password on your Mac now!

windows software trial version (Windows 7/2003/XP/Vista 32bit ) mac software to disable pdf password (Mac OS X)

Step 1. Import PDF Files

Start the PDF Password Remover after software installation. And then simply click on Add Files button to select and upload PDF files from local file folder to the program. The imported files will be listed in the program as below.

Step 2. Specify Output Folder

This software allows you to save the output password-free PDF files into the source file folder by choosing "Save in the same folder as source". Besides, it also enables you to specify an output folder for the password removed PDF files by clicking the "..." icon in the Customize portion.

Step 3. Disable PDF Password

Once you've specified the output file folder, then you can simply click on the "Start" icon to disable password protection from PDF files. During the process, the Start button will turn into a Cancel button, which you can click to cancel the password remove process.

how to disable pdf security

OK, done! Just as you've seen, it is rightly such an easy thing for you to disable PDF password to make the restricted more convenient for using in the future with the help of this PDF Password Remover. So, once you can't bear to type in a long string and complex password for your protected PDF file, then don't hesitate to let the program do you a favor to disable PDF password now!

windows software to disable pdf protection (Windows 7/2003/XP/Vista 32bit ) software to disable password protection from pdf on mac (Mac OS X)

By the way, if you want to reuse images of a PDF document, you have to use PDF Extractor. Created with advanced trancode technology, this software is able to export image files from PDF without copying and pasting.

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